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Liana Salvador-Watts RN, IBCLC is a lactation consultant that serves Toronto West neighbourhoods including the Junction, Bloor West, Bloordale, Parkdale, Dundas West, and Etobicoke neighbourhoods with lactation consulting services.
Supporting your family through lactation challenges

Liana Salvador-Watts is a Registered Nurse, prenatal educator and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant working in Toronto's West End. Liana believes in reproductive justice, a part of which is the right to chest/breastfeed. Her dream is for all parents to achieve their own lactation goals, whatever they may be. Liana became a lactation consultant so she could contribute towards making that dream a reality. She became certified as an IBCLC in 2014, and launched Rumina Lactation in 2016. Liana is also a former labour and delivery nurse and currently works as a prenatal educator in a downtown Toronto hospital.

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Liana Salvador-Watts


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