What to expect during a consult

A few things we’ll do together

  • Listen to your birth and early breastfeeding or chestfeeding experience
  • Listen to your current feeding plan
  • Discuss your lactation goals
  • A breast/chest assessment
  • An assessment of your baby, which includes an oral examination and weight
  • A feeding observation: guidance will be given on how to maximize milk transfer while promoting parental comfort
  • Work with you to develop an individualized plan that works for your family

Common challenges we can work through

  • Optimizing latch and positioning
  • Nipple pain/damage
  • Baby not latching
  • Slow weight gain
  • Tongue-tie concerns
  • Engorgement, blocked ducts, blebs and mastitis
  • Challenges with milk volume/flow and supplementation
  • NICU discharge
  • Nursing multiples
  • Pumping support

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